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Greetings from Norrland

Hey friends,

Time runs fast and we are already at the end of May. Here is an update from us in the Jenemark family.

Returning to Sweden

Now we have been in Sweden for just over 2 months, we arrived on 13 March, and then moved up to little Starred, which is located 25 km outside Härnösand up in beautiful Norrland. Here we have had the opportunity to rent a house, and we enjoy it. Beautiful views, restful environment and close to Anna's family. The kids go to a small village school, and they find it so nice to meet other children and also have school "for real" after almost 1 year with school online (via zoom).

It was the very difficult situation in Brazil with the pandemic, and also how it ultimately affected us as a family, which meant that the situation was no longer sustainable but we had to go home. We are grateful that Anna-Maria Jonsson and Linalie Newman at EFK helped us in that situation and also asked us to go home.

What is the situation like in Brazil?

As you may have seen on the news, Brazil has been heavily affected by the pandemic, and at its worst in March/April, the hospitals were full and the situation was very serious. In recent months, we have continuously received reports from our friends in our sister church CIBI about how members, pastors and other community leaders have become ill and also died. It has been and is a very tough situation, please pray with us for them for comfort, strength and hope for the future!

Missionary life continues

The year that passed was very different, and while we loved being there and enjoying our mission, of course there was a lot of what we wanted to do, which could not be carried out due to the pandemic. Helping the children with their school also took a lot of time and effort, something that we probably first discovered fully when it was decided that we would go home to Sweden for a break. The toughest part was probably for Anna, who after returning home went on full-time sick leave due to fatigue. We do not yet know when she will be fully recovered, but we are pleased to see that her powers are slowly returning now that she has a chance to rest.

So, now we are missionaries in Brazil, living in north Sweden. That's how it can go. I, (Staffan), continue to work full-time remotely and via screen, and it works well, even though I miss Brazil and being there. I work partly with continued support for CIBI and the social branch FEPAS in communication and planning issues, but also with writing articles, project texts and other things that need to be done for the missions organization we are working for. Having said that, it is also important to say that our mission continues, and that continued missionary support is needed in the future. Having a missionary family in located in Sweden means higher costs for EFK, compared to when we are in Brazil.

The future

The timetable for the way forward is not yet clear, we do not know at present when or even if we will be able to return to Brazil. Initially, our idea was to return to Campinas in August, but due to the very serious situation in Brazil and Anna's sick leave, it is not possible. Our conversations as a family and with EFK continue, pray with us that God leads leads the way forward.


Although it has been a very strange and tumultuous year, and although the future feels uncertain, we are so grateful to all of you for all your support, encouragement and prayers. An extra thank you also for the gifts we received to help with our sudden return journey back to Sweden, it came as a great encouragement in a shaky time. thanks!

Most of all, we are grateful to God, we can see so clearly that He has his Hand upon us, and leads us through turbulent times, we have felt so carried by Him. Thank You, Lord!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a blessed summer!

To pray and thank for:

  • Thank the Lord for His protection and care over the past year

  • Pray for strength and recovery for the whole family, especially Anna

  • Pray for EFK's sister church CIBI in Brazil, for protection, direction and hope

  • Pray for guidance for us as a family in terms of the future and the way forward, that God opens the right doors at the right time

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