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One last greeting - for this time at least!

Time goes fast and it's time for the last update from us for this period. At the turn of the year, our mission assignment ends and we begin a new chapter in life.

Adam, Anna, Eliah, Kajsa, Staffan & our dog Sally!

First of all, we just want to send a Christmas greeting from all of us! We are all doing well and are grateful to be home in our own house again. The children have landed well here in Örebro, and a little extra joy for all of us was that we got our little dog Sally back from Brazil to Sweden in September.

The autumn has been an intense and quite challenging period for us, as we have both landed here in Örebro, but also managed a move and an end in Brazil. The trip to Brazil in September was important and valuable but also very intense. We had the opportunity to thank and say goodbye to CIBI and FEPAS and also personal friends we made during our time in Brazil. It was very emotional and quite sad, and therefore very good that we could go both Anna & Staffan.

We emptied our house in Brazil, which we had made into our home with the dream of staying for a long time. It was quite tough to pack up and sell what we could not bring home to Sweden. At the same time, it was an important part of the process to end our time there.

Now we are back in Örebro and have continued to work with the mission (EFK), Anna mostly with contact directly with FEPAS in Brazil and their projects. Staffan works with various areas in the mission, with project reports, participation in conferences and visits to churches.

In early October, we got our house back, which we rented out while we were in Brazil. We are very grateful for that and it feels great for all of us to come home! Most of all we can see how important it is for the kids to be "home" again. They are back at the school they went to before we went to Brazil and continue to build relationships with their friends. This year has meant quite a few moves for us as a family and several different schools for the children, so it feels important to be in Örebro and stay here for some time now. Of course we dream of Brazil and hope that the opportunity to go there again will come, but right now we have to follow what God is doing in Brazil from a distance and continue to pray for the country.


When the employment at EFK ends, Anna will start working as a counselor at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry here in Örebro and Staffan will work as head of the communication and fundraising department at EFK for a short period.

The work in Brazil continues and EFK is in the middle of the process of recruiting successors to our position. Nothing is ready yet, but there are several interesting people that the mission is talking with, and we hope everything will fall into place, so that new missionaries will be able to move to Brazil in August 2022. Feel free to join and pray for guidance in this process and that God frees up the finances needed.

The work with the anti-corruption project, which we were involved in and wrote the application for to be able to start, is now in under way! In November, Anna-Maria Jonsson (our regional director), was in Brazil and participated in the official inauguration of the project. FEPAS, which carries out the project, has hired an educator and a social worker and the leaders of the groups in the seven cities have been selected and started their education. The work of finding people who on a voluntary basis want to join the groups in the seven cities is underway. It feels very positive and hopeful! Please join us and continue to pray for the project!


This blog post is the last one we will post this time around and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, your prayers and your encouragement! It means so much to us. We are so grateful for all the greetings we received from you in various ways, especially during this time that was so different from what we could have expected.

We also wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year!

Many hugs from Anna, Staffan, Adam, Eliah and Kajsa Jenemark

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