Heading for Campinas, Brazil!

In January of 2020 the plan is for our family to move to Brazil to support CIBI (Union of Independent Baptist Churches) and their social ministry FEPAS. 
- We want to challenge and help more congregations make a difference in their local communities.

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Anna is going to support FEPAS in the continued development of their social projects across the country. Brazil is a nation of great contrasts and a lot of people live in areas that are extremely exposed to poverty, gangs, violence, abuse and drugs. When going to school in Brazil you only have class for about 4 hours per day, making homework a vital part of the education. If the parents are not well educated or have to work all day it leaves the children without support and on their own. To prevent the children from ending up on the streets without completing school FEPAS helps local congregations in 30 projects aimed at supporting children. Anna will be an important resource in this ministry.

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Families – a key to see change

For a number of years Anna has worked within the Swedish social authorities supporting children and families. She also lived in Brazil for a few years in her early twenties, working with families and children in “favelas” (slum areas). Today she is a counselor working to support families, both individually and in group settings at a “family center” in a suburban area where most people are immigrants.

– My passion is to see families thrive. In my work I have experienced the importance of working with entire families in order to see long term change and development. 

Beside working with support and development of FEPAS’ social projects, Anna will also be directly involved in one of the projects, an “after school center” in Vila Georgina in the city of Campinas, a highly marginalized area with lots of poverty and brokenness. Many of the children in the area are exposed to abuse in several ways.



Developing leaders and churches

Staffan will primarily be a support to organizations through his experience in leadership development from different contexts. 

– I love working with people challenging them to reach their full potential. My passion is to see leaders develop and see local churches grow and reach their full potential as the hope of the world.

Staffan will support the leadership of CIBI and FEPAS and will work with leadership development both within local churches as well as the denomination. 

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 Supporting churches in their calling 

– Our desire is to meet individuals exactly where they are in their unique situation in life. We want to help churches grow and continue to display the love of Christ. We long to see them uncover their specific calling and what they can do for the kingdom of God and their local communities.

One scripture that has meant a lot for us as we have embraced this challenge is Acts 1:8: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

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Adam, Eliah & Kajsa

Of course our wonderful kids Adam (11), Eliah (9), and Kajsa (6 years old) are coming along to Campinas! They will attend a private Portuguese speaking school, we just don't know which one yet.


We believe we are called to go as a family, and we hope that we all can be involved in different ways. To get to know a new culture and language, meeting many new friends and experiences feels quite exciting for us all. And sometimes scary... Please stand with us in prayer for our three darlings.


Join Us


You can be a part of that challenge! We are so grateful as we are able to say that our annual support is covered in full, thanks to a number of wonderful local churches in Sweden, via our home denomination, "interact". 

But, you can still make a difference through prayer and financial support! 

At this time we are facing a special challenge, as we need to raise funds for inital costs upon our move to Brazil, especially that of a car. We need to buy a car in order to get around in the city we are to live in, and at this moment we lack funds for that. Would you pray about supporting us with a one-time gift? Please use the "donate" button above. 
if you live in the US your gift is tax-deductible!

Thanks for your support! 


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